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Here at Campbell’s Garage we offer an alloy wheel buckle and dent repair service (we don't do cosmetic work like scratches). As I’m sure you are aware our roads are far from perfect with a constant risk of damage to your alloy wheels from broken speed ramps and potholes.

We have 15 years experience repairing damaged wheels using the Hatco Wheel Press machine. As we are a fully equipped tyre bay we have the expertise to advise on your tyres, rebalance your wheels and check/adjust your your alignment to make sure your car is driving perfect after such an impact.

Below is a demonstration video of the machine and the procedure we use to repair your wheel.

We also offer an internal refurb service for alloy wheels that are starting to corrode. Once your wheel corrodes internally the tyre won't make an airtight seal with the wheel resulting in a slow puncture. Internally we strip the alloy back, prime it, spray it and lacquer it giving your wheel a fresh clean surface to make an airtight seal with the tyre.

For more information on Alloy wheel repair please contact us.